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Bagdad, Europe's no. 1 Porno Show

We started off in 1975 and quickly became a worldwide reference in live porn shows.

With more than 20 top-notch artists from the worldwide Pornography scene, with all kinds of performances, show girls, lesbian duos, live sex, audience participation...

The client, as a spectator, can interact during the show. Like helping to unfasten a bra during a strip-tease... And a lot more! Let your imagination run riot!

Bagdad has always been a seedbed for the Spanish porn industry, where stars of the ilk of Nacho Vidal, Sophie Evans and Toni Rivas, to name but some, made their debut.

+34 934 420 777

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Bagdad TV Bagdad TV Bagdad TV Bagdad TV Bagdad TV Bagdad TV

Porno show · Show girls

Stag parties · Striptease for groups

3 SHOWS DAILY 11 pm - 1 am - 3 am

Price: €90/person, drink included

Group more than 10 people: €75/person, drink included

Sessions every day!

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